Luwa is the premier distributor of luxury home appliances and outdoor living appliances.  Our goal is to provide you access to some of the world’s finest products.  We seek out manufacturers with a drive to deliver the finest quality products and a desire to follow that with world class customer service.  Luwa is here to support you through your search for these definitive products for your home with the highest level of service for your building, remodeling or outdoor living project.

What sets Luwa apart is the complete experience that we provide to our clients:  The experience begins in our beautiful studio located in Bellevue Washington.  In the studio, you can “test drive” the most elegant appliances available with the latest in technology and design.  Enjoy a first class cooking demonstration to see how our appliances will complement your lifestyle.  Want to test your pan on the latest gas burner or try to simmer your delicate sauce on one of our top quality gas products?  The Luwa Studio has live appliances for you to test out before you make a purchase.  Luwa partners with the finest local retailers once you are ready to purchase your luxury appliances.  Luwa Advantage, our service division, is one of the keys that allow us to ensure your appliances are repaired correctly the first time with precision and our certified technicians are available should any challenges arise.  Finally, our Luwa Concierge service provides professional detailing as often as you wish.  From the first thought of “I think I want to update my kitchen” to “I wonder how I use this to rotisserie a roast?” Luwa is here to guide you through your next project.