Fire Bowl Frenzy: 3 Things to Consider Before you Buy

Turning your backyard into an oasis where you can escape? Perhaps you have an outdoor living space or perhaps you’ve already built your outdoor kitchen where you can have friends and family over for barbecues. Regardless of how far along you are in creating a zen retreat in your backyard, one thing you will want to add to the list is a fire bowl.

Fire bowls are all the rage these days and there’s good reason they have homeowners ablaze over them:

  • They offer a delightfully welcoming ambiance

  • Their natural beauty fits in well with any environment, landscape or design

  • They add instant chic allure to a backyard

It seems that fire bowls have started to pop up everywhere lately. From big box stores to the corner hardware store, you’ll find fire tables, fire bowls, fire towers and more. Some of these backyard accessories are cheap, some are good quality for a good price, and others are built to be a long-lasting luxury item.

Regardless of whether you pay $300 for a fire bowl or $3,000, there are three important things to consider before you buy.









           1. The Burner


As you begin to research fire bowls for your backyard, pay attention to the BTUs and the certifications on each model.




The BTU on a fire bowl can range from 3,000 to 100,000. Most homeowners will be perfectly satisfied with 50,000 to 75,000 BTU.


If you go any higher than 75,000 BTU, you’ll have a fire bowl that looks more like a flame thrower. The higher the BTU, the taller the flame will get, which could raise concerns about safety.


On the flip side, lower BTU leave homeowners feeling like something is lacking. Although the flame will provide a cozy glow, it won’t warm the area with a nice radiant heat.


The Certification


It’s not just the number that counts. The certification of the burner counts too.

Look for an official certification on your fire bowl’s burner before you buy. Although a custom burner with 100,000 BTU might sound exciting, you could regret it. Non-certified burners can be extremely dangerous and could turn that warm, inviting flame into a nightmare if you’re not careful.






           2. The Ignition





There are two popular ways to light a fire in a fire bowl:

  1. A fancy “click-to-light” ignition;

  2. The old fashioned match light ignition.


The click-to-light ignition is popular because it is so easy to use. You simply push a button and instantly have a nice fire lighting and warming your backyard. The problem with this style of ignition is that it doesn’t always stand the test of time, forcing you to use a match to light the fire.


The gas powered fire bowls are popular because they’re more durable. The best ones utilize a simple valve where you, the user, turn it to your desired level of flame and then light it with a match or lighter. This is popular because without the use of power, batteries or other fancy electronics, you know there’s a better chance of it working for years to come. Nothing can go wrong with them.



Fire Bowl Frenzy: 3 Things to Consider Before You Buy - Luwa Distributing


    3. The Finish and Quality




Take a look at the fire bowls in every store and you’ll soon see there is a dramatic difference in the quality of the finish and materials used. The best way to decide which fire bowl is right for you is to physically touch it before buying it. This will give you a good idea of the quality you will get when you buy.


When you’re touching the fire bowls trying to decide which one is right for you, ask yourself this:


  • Does it feel substantial?

  • Does it feel durable?

  • Does it have painted parts that can rust if they get scratched?

  • Does it have a large visible ignition panel, or is the ignition panel more subtle so it doesn’t take away from the aesthetic of the fire bowl?

  • Does it allow any space to place a glass of wine or plate of cheese nearby?

  • How many people can comfortably sit around the fire bowl?



These questions are important to answer before you buy. Without knowing the answer, you will have no way of knowing what kind of instant ambiance you will get when you bring your new fire bowl home.


Fire Bowl Frenzy: 3 Things to Consider Before You Buy - Luwa Distributing








Are You Ready to Buy?


The frenzy around fire bowls is understandable. They’re an elegant addition to any backyard.

Visit the LUWA Studio in Bellevue or to learn which fire bowl is right for you.




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