Hestan Appliances: Bring Luxury to Your Home

Hestan History

The pioneer of nonstick cookware, Stanley Cheng developed the Hestan brand to push the boundaries of kitchen innovation while meeting the needs of the most demanding chefs in the world. Beginning with a commercial cooking collection in 2015, Hestan quickly made a name for itself by providing industry chefs with high performance, innovative quality commercial appliances. In 2016, Hestan expanded its product line to residential cooking with the launch of Hestan Outdoor, including a full series of luxury grills and accessories. After finding success within these markets, Hestan released its full line of award-winning indoor luxury kitchen products including ranges, ventilation, refrigeration and more in 2018.

Hestan continues to lead the industry in luxury kitchen products with its SMART technology, allowing users to connect their cookware to a phone application and receive on demand step by step cooking instructions. Made in the USA and offering 12 color options, Hestan has developed a name for itself by blending craftmanship and class in all its products.

Why Hestan?

Hestan separates itself with its ability to combine features that meet the needs of the everyday chef, while providing the highest quality performance within each of its products. Developed with world class chefs such as Thomas Keller, Hestan has successfully brought commercial technology to luxury home living.

A few of Hestan’s leading features & benefits include:

  • 30’’, 36’’, & 48’’ Ranges with powerful, accurate ovens
  • Up to 30,000 BTU Burners                                                                            
  • SMART Cookware Technology
  • 12 Color options
  • Backlit Knobs
  • Marquise Handle
  • Made in the USA

    Product Selection

    Hestan Ranges

    Hestan 48'' Dual Fuel Range

    Crafted with the expertise of Chef Thomas Keller, Hestan ranges offer users a wide range of features to assist them in their culinary journey. Developed with the serious home chef in mind, Hestan brings elegance and commercial level cooking capabilities into your home.

    Choose from nearly 250 options available in 30’’, 36’’, & 48’’ versions, you can be sure to discover a range to fit your needs. 



    Hestan Grills

    Hestan Deluxe Grill

    Build the outdoor kitchen of your dreams with Hestan. Hestan grills are the only luxury grills available in 12 stunning color options, Hestan Grills offer industry leading options available only with Hestan.

    Hestan Grills are quality built in the USA with the innovative weight balanced Horizon hood, industry exclusive motion activated Stadium lighting, hidden rotisserie spit and more. Only Hestan offers the infrared top burner the allows you to cook outdoors with the same power and flexibility as cooking indoors! Hestan’s unique glow ignition backlit knobs add to the wow that you experience when cooking on Hestan outdoor kitchen products. Hestan grills offer powerful 25,000 BTU Trellis burners with greater heat coverage and precision controls.


    Hestan Cookware

    Utilizing founder Stanley Cheng’s knowledge as the leader in the cookware industry, Hestan’s Nanobond Cookware provides 35% more heat conductivity than other cookware.

    Made with a patented alloy blend technology, Hestan’s Nanobond Cookware is scratch resistant and up to 400% stronger that other cookware. Nanobond is made to last for years of cooking.

    Hestan Cue SMART technology allows cooks to connect their phone and cookware for an automated cooking experience and guided lessons. Learn more about this unique feature below! 


    Hestan Refrigeration

    Hestan Column Refrigeration

    The heart in every kitchen is its refrigeration, whether it be under counter or built-in column refrigerators. The best chefs know that quality refrigeration is crucial to keep their ingredients fresh for restaurant quality meals. Hestan’s built-in refrigerators offer stainless steel interiors with EverCrisp drawers that offer bead blasted stainless steel interiors for antimicrobial food storage. To ensure your culinary ingredients stay fresh, Hestan refrigerators offer EvenFlow air circulating technology to protect them with a blanket of cool air to stay fresh. Hestan fuses innovation with decor to bring the best quality built-in refrigeration products to their customers.

    Hestan refrigerators can be paired in almost any configuration to give you 36” 48” 60” or larger sizes for the most elegant built-in design for your home. With Hestan’s fully integrated refrigerators, you can build your refrigeration right into your cabinetry for completely hidden refrigeration in your kitchen design. From ice makers to built-in refrigeration, to wine storage, Hestan offers everything you need to keep your indoor or outdoor kitchen cool.


    Every kitchen needs a ventilation system to function properly, but not every ventilation system is built the same. Professional quality ranges and cooking equipment for the home require more powerful ventilation to keep your home’s air clean and fresh during and after cooking. 
    Hestan ventilation offers a unique design combined with high power technology that properly ventilates your cooking space, indoor or outdoor. Pair a Hestan ventilation hood with your range, today to get the quiet, powerful ventilation you need!


    Overall Hestan's line of luxury products provide their users with everything you expect from a world class quality kitchen appliance company. If you seek incredibly powerful cooking, thoughtful kitchen design, and quality performance Hestan delivers performance you expect with the kitchen design you dream of. With a wide selection of products, colors, and designs, Hestan is a perfect choice for the excited culinary amateur or the seasoned chef.

    Luwa Luxury Products is excited to offer Hestan residential appliances and outdoor kitchen appliances available to purchase directly from our website. Have questions or not yet sure about your purchase? Give us a call or visit our Bellevue showroom to test out the products yourself! Discover more about Hestan products and shop the full Hestan collection at Luwa Luxury.

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