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ILVE Range
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Why ILVE ?

ILVE has been a specialist in the cooking industry for over 50 years, famous for its Italian design, ILVE has developed a versatile and high performance cooking range for all home chefs. The perfect blend of timeless accents and cooking functionality, ILVE ranges gives its users unlimited potential to bring their culinary dreams to life. ILVE's customization options make it easy to build the range you've always wanted with over 200 custom RAL colors, trim options, and door styles, you can be certain you'll find the range to fit your needs!

ILVE's range line includes its Majestic II, Nostalgie, and Professional Plus series each bringing its own unique capabilities into any residential kitchen. Built for those passionate about cooking and luxury appliances, find out more below on how ILVE's unrivaled attention to detail can bring tangible benefits into your kitchen space.

ILVE Majestic II

The ILVE Majestic II series is a true kitchen centerpiece that combines industry leading functionality, flawless designs, and expectational build quality. All of the ILVE Majestic II functions were built with the home chef in mind, providing them with the capability to cook without having to worry about performance. The ILVE Majestic II series offers 9 cooking functions including, defrost, pizza, and baking modes.

A few of ILVE Majestic II features include:

  • 9 separate cooking functions 
  • Natural Gas, Liquid Propane, and Electric Induction options
  • 20,000 BTU Burners
  • Over 200 color options including 4 trim colors
  • Full Width Warming Drawer
  • 4.3" Touchscreen
  • 5 Different Cooking Configurations
  • 30"- 60'' Models
ILVE Majestic IIILVE Majestic II


ILVE Nostalgie

The ILVE Nostalgie series provides the same level of high quality Italian craftmanship as the Majestic II series at a more affordable price. A balance between luxury innovation and beautiful design, ILVE Nostalgie is a must for serious home chefs.

ILVE Nostalgie ranges features include:

  • 15,500 BTU Burners
  • Customizable Color and Trim Options
  • Electric Rotisserie
  • 24''- 60'' Models


ILVEILVE Nostalgie



ILVE Professional Plus

If your looking for a more modern design that encompasses the most desirable cooking features, the ILVE Professional Plus series is right for you. Providing the lowest price point of all three options, the Professional Plus is a great choice for those that are looking to step up their cooking game. 

The ILVE Professional Plus includes:

  • Digital Clock and Timer
  • Full Width Warming Drawer
  • High BTU Brass Burners
  • 5 Color Options
  • 24''- 60'' Models



ILVE Professional Plus RangeILVE Professional Plus Range




ILVE provides what it takes to meet the demands of the most prestigious home chefs while bringing Italian craftmanship and elegance into residential kitchens. Bring the most out of your cooking experience by equipping yourself with the tools needed to get you there while creating the kitchen of your dreams. ILVE delivers what is needed for those who are looking to go beyond your typical home cooking experience and push the boundaries of interior design. Luwa is happy to be the only authorized ILVE distributor within the Northwest United States and Canada. Interested in purchasing an ILVE or learning more? Click the link below to shop the full ILVE collection.


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