Luwa Luxury Products distinguishes itself by maintaining the highest level of customer care and service.



Luwa’s Director of Service, Jesse Christian explains what sets Luwa’s service department apart from other appliance servicers and why Luwa values customer service above all else.




“The mission of Luwa’s service department is to offer support in every facet throughout the lifetime of your luxury appliance,” Christian says. “We keep all of the client’s needs in mind and do everything we can to get the job done in a way that leaves a positive lasting impression with every client we service.



This process begins when we receive a call from a client with a question or concern about the performance of their indoor or outdoor appliance.  From there we do our best to schedule our clients as quickly as possible to fix the problems they are facing.



After carefully listening to our client’s concerns, Luwa schedules a visit from one of our qualified service technicians.



Luwa obsesses over quality so we never over-schedule our technicians which gives them a wide window of time to truly care for every service detail.” 





In the home, a Luwa technician will respect the client’s home by removing shoes and working cautiously and attentively in the servicing location.



Luwa technicians will pay special attention to time and work efficiently to diagnose the problem and relay the information to our clients in easy to understand terms.



“We do everything we can to ease our client’s mind and fix the service issue so they can get back to using their favorite luxury products without worry. Customer service is personal to our team and we strive to provide the highest levels of it that we can.



When we leave your home, we clean the work area, polish the appliance and provide use and care so our client can fully experience what their appliance has to offer. We also offer a 90 - day guarantee on our parts and labor.



We also are unique in our service offerings. Along with repair servicing, we also offer concierge cleaning and preventative maintenance services to help avoid potential repairs in the future. Our clients have peace of mind knowing that they are fully cared for with our services.”


Call today to schedule a concierge cleaning, maintenance or repair services on any of the following luxury brands:













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