Featured Builder/Designer July 2022 - Kyle Gaffney

Kyle Gaffney

Founding partner and lead designer of SkB Architects, Kyle Gaffney is known for his steadfast commitment to creating buildings and spaces that uphold the human experience above all else. Driven by a belief that architecture can positively influence the way people live and work, Kyle strives to create designs informed by a unique sense of place. For him, design should go above and beyond the necessities, yielding experiences that improve quality of life.

With over 25 years of experience on projects across scales and typologies, Kyle has honed his approach to crafting human-centered designs where the architecture fades into the background so that life can unfold. Seeing clients, contractors, interior designers, and architects as equal parts of a whole, Kyle believes the best designs emerge from a highly collaborative and engaged process.

With a degree from RISD and nearly a decade of experience working as a builder, Kyle understands how projects come together from all perspectives, bringing a uniquely balanced approach to his projects at SkB.




Vashon Residence
Manson Barn

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