Hestan Cue Smart Pan
Hestan Cue Smart 11" Smart Frypan
Hestan Cue Smart 11" Smart Frypan
Hestan Smart Cue

Hestan Cue Smart 11" Smart Frypan

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The Hestan Cue Smart Induction Cooking System is a connected kitchen tool that makes it easier than ever to cook anything perfectly, the first time. Explore the Hestan Cue guided cooking mobile app with hundreds of chef-created and tested recipes that you can make to perfection. Use this Smart Cue 11" Smart Frypan with Hestan's Smart Cue Induction Burner or Cooktop.






Hestan Smart Cue System
  1. Pro-quality, tri-ply stainless steel cookware with embedded temperature sensors.
  2. Durable, easy-to-clean glass ceramic cooktop with onboard power control.
  3. Rapid-response induction coils for precise heating and temperature control.
  4. Powerful yet efficient 1600W induction burner with optimal precision.