LOC Fastener Set
LOC Fastener Set

LOC Fastener Set

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Fasten your Luxury Outdoor Cabinets with this fastener set.

LOC Systems

These Luxury Outdoor Cabinets quickly assemble into a virtually limitless combination of configurations. Each piece is made of fiber-glass reinforced concrete which can be installed without concrete footings or rebar on any solid flooring surface. Construction waste and additional time associated with traditional masonry block installations are eliminated as our products can be assembled in just hours.

Build Your Outdoor Kitchen in 5 Easy Steps

  1. Pre-Planning & Design
  2. Install LOC Systems
  3. Cut Appliance Openings
  4. Install Appliances & Countertops
  5. Install Finishing Materials


Luwa is only the distributor for LOC Systems. Luwa is not responsible for any kitchen code approval or missed steps. All approvals must come from licensed professionals.